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Faux & Fun Finishing

Tired of staring at the same plain white walls? Ready to separate yourself from the pack? Or maybe you've tried your hand at faux finishing and haven't been able to get the look you want. Maybe it's time to call in a fresh set of eyes.

Fearless experience

I started faux finishing with a friend back in the 70s before the current DIY boom made supplies readily available. Back then we had to do things the hard way, mixing our own glazes and making up a lot of our own techniques.

I learned a lot of what I know about painting and decorating by gutting and restoring three old bungalows of my own and several more belonging to close friends. There were times when I was sure the most valuable necessity for a do-it-yourself home remodeler was a good shrink. After all, why would any sane person want to live in a perennial construction zone?

Need a Color Shot?

From colorwashing to stenciling, olde world to pop culture, metallic to suede, I can make your home a one-of-a-kind work of art. Theme rooms and children's rooms are my particular specialty.

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Rice great room Rice bedroom Grady dining room Bombay bedroom suite Victorian bungalow

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Mexican kitchen Arabian Nights bedroom Moroccan dining room Indian living room Egyptian hallway Harlequin bathroom