Welcome to the world of Yummies

So what's with the name?

Take a touch of whimsy, a dollop of fun, a splash of bright color, mix them all together with a helping of childlike playfulness and season with a smile, and you'll start to get the gist of what Yummies furniture is all about.

Design with attitude

Yummies isn't just a name, it's an attitude. It's bold, bright, and fun. But it doesn't stop there. Combining paint with paper, found objects, and fabric makes each piece an original work of art.

One of a kind

Each piece of Yummies furniture is custom-decorated to the client's color and design preferences. Need a special table, chair, or accent piece? I'll work with you to find the right piece, then decide on the right colors, patterns, and materials to express your own individuality.

Yummies Furniture Gallery

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How can you get your own Yummies piece?

Due to family and medical reasons, I am not accepting new business until further notice. Thank you for your interest.

Yummies At Home

Yummies at Home is not accepting new business at this time.

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